tarmac driveways | asw aberdeen ltd

Around 90% of the driveways we carry out are replacement of an existing driveway.

Today, many people lead busy lives and are looking for a low maintenance option, therefore a tar driveway is the most suitable replacement for the majority of people.

ASW are able to offer you expert advice and guidance on all aspects of your driveway. Once you contact us, we will arrange the initial site visit [where we discuss edging, drainage issues, overall finish required] then we email over your quotation, you will then have 2 months to decide if you wish to proceed with us. If you accept, we will issue a start date and keep you informed immediately of any changes to this date. ASW will arrive on site and remain on site till the work is completed.

If you require a new driveway, due to a new build it is 0% VAT for the driveway as long as you DO NOT have your completion certificate.

If you require a new driveway to an existing house, you will have to apply to the local council to drop the kerb. This is so you can get access to your property over the pavement.

Drop kerbs are constructed to the Road Departments specifications. Assuming planning permission has been granted we can respond swiftly to your request and complete the job to the highest standard.

Arrive on site, offload equipment, excavate the area to a suitable subsoil depth. ASW Aberdeen is registered waste carriers with SEPA and will remove all materials and waste to a registered tip.
Any drainage work will be carried out as per project specifications.
Area is cleared ready for edging to be formed.
Trenches are dug and compacted ready for the proposed edging.
The proposed edging is laid into a bed of concrete and haunched to prevent movement.
Any proposed paving will be carried out.
Any proposed chuckies will be spread.
Any proposed topsoil will be imported and spread.
The driveway is now prepared by carrying out any of the following
- Channel drains
- Manhole lids
- Rodding eye covers
- Drain hoppers
- Driveway gully etc.
The Driveway is now ready for Sub-base to be imported, spread, levelled and compacted using a vibrating roller.
The driveway is now ready for the new surface to be laid i.e. tarmacadam, asphalt.
Collection of tar from tar plant.
Tarring of the driveway – will be done either by hand or machine laid depending on the size and shape of proposed driveway.
Completed driveway.